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Finland is also known for it's heavy music scene260 viewsIn the picture is an average Finnish youngster caring for his flowers.1 commentsLexa
From the very cold, to the extremely hot256 viewsThere are more saunas than cars in Finland. You have not experienced a sauna, until you have been to a real Finnish sauna. In Finland. During the winter. Lexa
Men in the army249 viewsHard work and no play and so on. Lexa
Sauna, Olut Ja Terva243 viewsThe left sign says "Sauna, Karjala (a finnish beer) and tar".
The right sign says "All you need to stay healthy".

There is actually an old saying in Finland, that goes like "Jos ei viina, terva ja sauna auta, niin tauti on kuolemaksi." meaning "If booze, tar and sauna won't heal you, you'll die." As morbid as it sounds, it was actually meant to encourage a patient, and remind them that most diseases will heal on their own.
Ummetukseen auttaa Silja Line238 views1 commentsRuutupaitarakastaja
Finns drink a lot of milk237 viewsWe rank high among other countries like Ireland and Estonia in our milk consumption. Valio is perhaps the best known producer of milk products in Finland.Lexa
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