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We are never late because we chose the wrong train...306 viewsThe only finnish subway runs in Helsinki, and it's map is surprisingly easy to memorize.Lexa
Finland is a land striving for equality.302 viewsIn Finland all are born equal. This does not mean that we don't have any sort of social classes, but it does mean that class differences are small in comparison to some other countries. Also the lowest classes are cared for, and no one is left on their own. Lexa
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It's getting a bit chilly.286 viewsDuring the coldest days of winter, you can see even a native Finn wearing a shirt.Lexa
Sauna and swimming283 viewsIt is very common to have a sauna near water, and traditionally a beach sauna and swimming belong together. Some may take this even further with floating saunas that you have to swim to. Lexa
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Finland is also known for it's heavy music scene274 viewsIn the picture is an average Finnish youngster caring for his flowers.1 commentsLexa
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