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Finnish 101432 viewsA prime example of how Finnish is simply ingenious, and easy. You can do so very much with so little words.Lexa
Finnish 101422 viewsKuusi palaa. A very popular example of how sometimes simple finnish phrases can have many different meanings, depending on context.Lexa
Finns and Sauna418 viewsIn the first picture we see a guy asking the others if they'd like to get naked, sit down, spank each other and talk about their feelings and stuff. The others strongly refuse.
In the second picture our guy modifies the offer, and says the room will be steaming hot, and the others immediately agree to come.
The last picture is the outcome, three guys naked in a sauna.
Dempsey and Makepeace 395 views80-luvun TV-sarja briteistä.1 commentspeter
Finnish 101393 viewsFinnish is easy. As you can see. Lexa
Finnish Fashion342 viewsThe latest fashion from 1975, presented to you by Urho Kaleva Kekkonen.

UKK was a Finnish politician who served as Prime Minister of Finland (1950–1953, 1954–1956) and later as the eighth and longest-serving President of Finland (1956–1982).
The Moomins are to blame?322 viewsThe Finns have an inbuilt tendency to be a bit grim, and even our humour tends to be of the darker variety. Could this comparison of the colour profiles used in Japan and Finland in the Finnish Moomins animation series be part of the explanation?Lexa
This is Finland319 views"Produced by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and published by the Finland Promotion Board, thisisFINLAND was originally established in 1995 as Virtual Finland. "

The finns are very proud to be one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. Broadband Internet access in Finland was launched commercially in 2000 in the form of ADSL, and by 2013 commercial fiber optics based connections have become commonplace.
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