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Finns drink a lot of milk258 viewsWe rank high among other countries like Ireland and Estonia in our milk consumption. Valio is perhaps the best known producer of milk products in Finland.
Be afraid.234 viewsBe very afraid.
Smalltalk is not an ice breaker.229 viewsIn Finland we have developed more advanced tools than smalltalk to break the ice.
Kalsarikännit (lit. Underwear intoxication)227 viewsOne of the most accurate (and useful) Finnish words in existence.
There are no polar bears in Finland226 viewsIt seems like a very common misconception that polar bears roam free around Finland. Actually the Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) is the national animal of Finland.
Finnish Emotions215 viewsTalks about the emotional coldness of Finns are largely exaggerated.
Urho Kaleva Kekkonen210 viewsUKK was a Finnish politician who served as Prime Minister of Finland (1950–1953, 1954–1956) and later as the eighth and longest-serving President of Finland (1956–1982).
You can get beer almost anywhere in Finland188 viewsBut only between 9am and 9pm. And no grocery can sell you anything with more than 4,7% alcohol in it. To fix that we have Alko. Alko is a state owned monopoly with high prices, made even higher by taxes. If you ever need to buy larger quantities of wine or drinks, it easilly comes cheaper to jump on a boat and go shopping in Estonia.
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