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Finnish 101714 katseluaHave we mentioned finnish is a very versatile and powerful language if you know how to use it? Heres a real life example.Lexa
Finnish 101713 katseluaAgain, a nice example of how simple a language Finnish can be. Lexa
Finnish 101635 katseluaReally, Finnish IS easy. There is so much you can do with just one word.Lexa
Being a Finn548 katseluaSeems about right.Lexa
Finnish 101486 katseluaSeriously though, Finnish CAN be easy. When you've learned the grammar well enough to ignore it.Lexa
We are no strangers to cold478 katseluaEach and every year we have temperatures around minus 20 to 40 degrees Celsius. We have learned to live with it. Snow is not a problem, cold is not a problem. Lexa
Learning Finnish is a neverending process393 katseluaIf you want an estimate on how long it might take, don't even think about it. Just give up.Lexa
Finns are notorious drinkers391 katseluaHave you ever considered challenging a Finn to a drinking contest? You might want to reconsider...Lexa
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