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Haun tulokset - "language"
Learning Finnish is a neverending process392 katseluaIf you want an estimate on how long it might take, don't even think about it. Just give up.Lexa
Finnish Mentality104 katseluaA very well known finnish saying that we all learn at an early age. "Se mikä ei tapa, vahvistaa". In english: "What does not kill you, makes you stronger." A humouristic variant of this, still meaning the same, goes like "Mikä ei tapa, sattuu saatanasti". In english: "What does not kill you, will hurt like hell".Lexa
Finnish 101346 katseluaKuusi palaa. A very popular example of how sometimes simple finnish phrases can have many different meanings, depending on context.Lexa
Finnish 101705 katseluaHave we mentioned finnish is a very versatile and powerful language if you know how to use it? Heres a real life example.Lexa
Finnish 101366 katseluaA prime example of how Finnish is simply ingenious, and easy. You can do so very much with so little words.Lexa
Finnish 101703 katseluaAgain, a nice example of how simple a language Finnish can be. Lexa
Finnish 101483 katseluaSeriously though, Finnish CAN be easy. When you've learned the grammar well enough to ignore it.Lexa
Finnish 101630 katseluaReally, Finnish IS easy. There is so much you can do with just one word.Lexa
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