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What is your ISIS name?125 viewsYour date of birth will tell you. LexaMar 27, 2016
After a year in therapy...107 viewsMy psychiatrist said to me "Maybe life isn't for everyone."LexaMar 27, 2016
Being a Finn614 viewsSeems about right.LexaMar 27, 2016
Turku114 viewsLexaMar 27, 2016
You Only Live Once110 viewsLOL, Just kidding, be right back...LexaMar 27, 2016
Vain lasillinen109 viewsLääkärin määräys...LexaMar 26, 2016
Urho Kaleva Kekkonen185 viewsUKK was a Finnish politician who served as Prime Minister of Finland (1950–1953, 1954–1956) and later as the eighth and longest-serving President of Finland (1956–1982). LexaMar 26, 2016
Finns and Sauna403 viewsIn the first picture we see a guy asking the others if they'd like to get naked, sit down, spank each other and talk about their feelings and stuff. The others strongly refuse.
In the second picture our guy modifies the offer, and says the room will be steaming hot, and the others immediately agree to come.
The last picture is the outcome, three guys naked in a sauna.
LexaMar 26, 2016
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