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Koskenkorvan kivennäisvesi155 viewsSisältää 38% sallittuja lisäaineita.Mar 25, 2016
Finnish Mentality154 viewsA very well known finnish saying that we all learn at an early age. "Se mikä ei tapa, vahvistaa". In english: "What does not kill you, makes you stronger." A humouristic variant of this, still meaning the same, goes like "Mikä ei tapa, sattuu saatanasti". In english: "What does not kill you, will hurt like hell".Mar 25, 2016
Finnish 101432 viewsKuusi palaa. A very popular example of how sometimes simple finnish phrases can have many different meanings, depending on context.Mar 25, 2016
Salmiakki145 viewsAnother popular Finnish taste. Kind of a salty liquorice. The flavor comes from ammonium chloride, which is the product from the reaction of hydrochloric acid and ammonia.Mar 25, 2016
Finnish 101825 viewsHave we mentioned finnish is a very versatile and powerful language if you know how to use it? Heres a real life example.Mar 25, 2016
Finns drink a lot of milk261 viewsWe rank high among other countries like Ireland and Estonia in our milk consumption. Valio is perhaps the best known producer of milk products in Finland.Mar 25, 2016
Another suspicious looking Finnish delicacy156 viewsMustamakkara (lit. black sausage) is a blood sausage, traditionally eaten with lingonberry jam. This odd looking food is especially popular in Tampere. Mar 25, 2016
Throughout Finland mämmi is synonymous with Easter.160 viewsThis traditional Easter treat really divides the nation, you either love it or hate it. There is no in between. It looks like shit, it smells strange, and it's only really sold during Easter. Mämmi is truly an acquired taste.Mar 25, 2016
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