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It's getting a bit chilly.245 katseluaDuring the coldest days of winter, you can see even a native Finn wearing a shirt.Lexa
We are no strangers to cold505 katseluaEach and every year we have temperatures around minus 20 to 40 degrees Celsius. We have learned to live with it. Snow is not a problem, cold is not a problem. Lexa
Finland is a land striving for equality.256 katseluaIn Finland all are born equal. This does not mean that we don't have any sort of social classes, but it does mean that class differences are small in comparison to some other countries. Also the lowest classes are cared for, and no one is left on their own. Lexa
Fact.118 katseluaFinns are not happy when they are forced to interact with strangers, but have no issues in getting naked and sweaty with them. As long as they can remain silent.Lexa
The Finns love their coffee. 110 katseluaOut of every 100 coffee beans, 1 is brought to Finland. Statistically every finn consumes about 12 kilograms of coffee every year, when for example in Italy the number is only 5,7kg, and in Spain 4,5kg.Lexa
Finnish 101728 katseluaAgain, a nice example of how simple a language Finnish can be. Lexa
False advertising?125 katseluaYes, we are usually very calm, civil and silent. But, when we are not, it can take a lot of effort to calm us down again.Lexa
Finns are notorious drinkers395 katseluaHave you ever considered challenging a Finn to a drinking contest? You might want to reconsider...Lexa
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